Required Texts:

Required, purchase necessary:

1. NSTA Pathways to the Science Standards (Elementary) (NSTA, 2000), Lawrence F Lowery, Juliana Texley, Ann Wild; ISBN: 0873551613 [Pathways]

Online Made Available on all Assignments and also on Course CD

2. Martin, R., Sexton, C., Franklin, T., & Gerlovich, J. (2005). Teaching Science for All Children: An Inquiry Approach. Pearson Education/Allyn & Bacon. [Available] [All Children]

3. Florida Sunshine State Science Standards [Available] [SSS]

4. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, 1993). Benchmark for Science Literacy: Project2061. New York: Oxford University Press. [Available] [Benchmarks]

5. National Research Council (1996). National Science Education Standards. Washington, DC: National AcademyPress. [Available] [Standards]

6. Other classroom activities and required readings will be provided to you throughout the course.