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Science Fair Projects

Science Fair Projects for all levels.
We have hundreds of ideas for every science topic.

Scientific Method

The Mad Scientist: The Scientific Method

Experiments, Demonstrations, Games, Activities

A Dozen Dynamite Demonstrations
Presented by David Willey at the Seven Springs 2000 PSTA Annual Convention

Games, activities, printable pages and information for kids and teachers about wildlife, science & nature, energy and environmental issues

Kinetic City
Collection of Science experiments, games and projects for everyone to enjoy both online and away from the computer

The Tampa Tribune Science Section
A great resource for linking science with reading and writing. The Tampa Tribune has a website for teachers. Each week teachers can get the Monday paper and pull out the science section (which is on average a current event or topic). The Friday before that the paper is published, the Tampa Tribune publishes a teacher's guide and lessons to go with the science section or the paper.

The Mad Scientist: Experiments
How Mrs. Glazewski and her fifth grade class at Oak View Elementary School in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. learn about Science.

The Sourcebook for Teaching Science
Games for the Science Curriculum

Collection of Sites / Portals

Sherman Independent School District Science Sites
Links to these topics: Archeology; Biology; Chemistry; Dinosaurs; Experiments; Geology; Miscellaneous; Oceans, Lakes and Rivers; Physics; Plants; Space; Weather

The Science Club
Since 1987, The Science Club has been bringing science to life for over one million elementary school children, teachers, and parents. The Science Club fuels the wonder and joy of learning, through school assemblies, parent and teacher workshops, television, video, and print. The Science Club has also designed programs for museums, agencies, and educational organizations.

State of California's Energy Quest
Science Projects and much, much more

State and National Guides

Science for All Americans

Florida Sunshine State Science Standards



Science Education Safety

Council of State Science Supervisors



Teaching Strategies

Ages & Stages: Five-year-olds (PDF download)

Ages & Stages: 6 to 8 years (PDF download)

Ages & Stages 9 to 11 Years (PDF download)

Cyber CO-OP

The Sourcebook for Teaching Science
Games for the Science Curriculum

General Constructivism Essays and Links